10 Years of Thanks!

S4TS in need of warehouse space moving forward.

In 2010 as Shoes 4 the Shoeless was beginning, JP Heinz approached us and asked what he could do to help. Our answer, eventually we hope to have enough shoes that it requires warehouse space. He believed in our mission from the onset; for the past 10 years the Heinz family and Kettering Tennis Center have graciously donated space and housed our warehouse of shoes. We can not begin to express to them our gratitude, in how it helped allow us to grow and provide over 110,000 pairs of shoes to children within our community over that time. Every pair of shoes that we have distributed has sat on a shelf within this facility.

All good things come to an end at some point. We understand the challenges with operating a business venture and will continue to be big fans of Kettering Tennis Center. KTC is poised for growth and is exploring new programming amenities within the space we’ve called “home” for the past 10 years.

What's Next?

That’s a great question! Ideally we are looking to be moved and operating out of a new space in April. The exact date has yet to be determined.

What are we looking for?
  • In a perfect world, our warehouse space would be located in and around the Kettering, Moraine, Centerville, Washington Township area.
  • 1,500 Square Feet ideally with a garage door opening if possible.
  • Ability to park two delivery vehicles on premise in a safe manner.
  • Cost? Right… the last 10 years have been a dream come true as it allowed us to utilize funds that would have been viewed as “overhead” to purchase more shoes!

    If space can be donated and written off as a tax-deductible donation that would be AMAZING. We know that may not be the case and are willing to look at alternatives as well!

How can you help?

Are you a building owner? Understand commercial real estate? Or know someone who might be in a position to help us?

Point us in the right direction, help us make a connection, share this information with ANYONE who might be helpful. The more it is shared, the more someone might be willing to jump on our bandwagon of helping within our community!

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