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Kids 4 Kids

Anywhere there are children in poverty, this need exists. Montgomery County along with surrounding counties have children who are in desperate need for shoes and socks. The majority of children that S4TS helps are located within the Dayton city limits.

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Kindness Matters

Along our journey we noticed that the kids we help have a huge desire to help others. Wanting to encourage that desire, we partnered with Dayton Children’s Hospital to create Kindness Matters. Kids in the schools we serve make and deliver get-well cards to patients in Children’s hospital. Thousands of sick or injured children have been encouraged by a hand-made card from another child.

Schools select 8-10 children to personally deliver the cards to the hospital.  This is a very big day!  School officials, parents, and school board members come along too.  The kids place the cards into a specially made mailbox in the Family Resource Center at Dayton Children’s Hospital.   Hospital officials tell the kids just how awesome it is that they encouraged a sick or injured child.  Pictures are taken, and then each student is allowed to pick out 10 books to take back to their school.  This completes our cycle of giving.


Winter Hats

Each winter, the Miami Valley gets it’s share of cold weather and snow. For a fair amount of kids in our region, they will be in the elements struggling to stay warm. A growing number of dedicated crafters have banded together to create hand-made knitted or crocheted hats year round that can be distributed throughout the winter.

If you’re crafty and looking for a creative outlet so your talent doesn’t go to waste, we’d love to put your talents to great use, this is the perfect project for you! For additional information or how to get involved, please contact Sandy Hauge using the information below.