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Get Involved as a Volunteer

Each month, over 600 people choose to spend time volunteering with Shoes 4 the Shoeless. At school-based shoe deliveries and as part of our “truck packing” crew, our volunteers are vital to the success of reaching children in need.

We have delivered well over 160,000 pairs of shoes and socks to disadvantaged children throughout the Southwest Ohio region.

The need remains great, our work is unending and will continue. Will you help us? 

How to Get Involved

We often say that it just takes two things to get brand new shoes and socks onto the feet of children in desperate need. People or organizations that care, and the funds to purchase new shoes.  If both or even one is true about you or your organization, we would love to talk!


We often say that “shoes speak louder than words” and we believe every word of that. Shoes 4 the Shoeless (S4TS), provides brand-new gym shoes that are properly fitted for each child during coordinated deliveries.

Through providing brand-new shoes, it allows us another avenue of displaying how much we care about each child that we serve. The benefits of a brand-new pair of properly fitting shoes far outweighs a pair of used shoes. We have seen children with improved confidence in the classroom, no more pain due to curling toes to fit in a pair of hand-me-downs three sizes too small, and the ability to fully participate in all school activiteis in and out of the classroom.


There isn’t a much better feeling than putting on a brand new pair of socks for the first time. For many of the children we serve, experiencing brand new socks of their own is a first when our organization arrives. S4TS gives out nearly 100,000 pairs of socks each year.

This means we are always in need of more! Hosting a sock drive through your business or organization is an easy way to engage your team. Socks are fun to purchase and collect. This is often the entry-way for organizations to “test the waters” before joining in sponsoring a delivery through monetary donation and/or volunteers.


Oftentimes, we partner with companies and organizations to provide volunteer opportunities for their company and staff. This is a rich and rewarding time for your team to engage with disadvantaged children and give back to the community.

Are you ready for your team to step into working alongside a mission dedicated to meeting a need unmet by others?


It takes just $31 to put a new pair of shoes and socks on each child. Is your organization in a position to help sponsor a day of deliveries? We’d love the opportunity to share with you what that would look like!

We’d love the opportunity to share with you what that would look like! Please use this Donate

Becoming a volunteer

Shoes 4 the Shoeless is a non-profit organization that gathers up to 600 volunteers each month to serve children. Our success depends on the people in our community. Without our volunteers, thousands of kids would not have been reached. We are always looking for individuals who would like to join us in our mission.