At our deliveries, we have an eclectic playlist that infuses additional energy, fun, and excitement into what’s happening. (The playlist is at the bottom of this post, enjoy!) This can help break down barriers that kids build up and allow our amazing volunteer partners to engage more while finding the perfect fit. This playlist is filled with Disney, 80s, 90s, and current songs. The first song in the list is from Frozen 2, and titled INTO THE UNKNOWN. No spoiler alerts here, but in this song, Elsa really belts it out proclaiming that she is heading into the unknown.

This feeling is reflective of where we are now as a world, country, community and organization. We are heading into the unknown. While some things are figured out, a lot if still in limbo as numbers change daily, prevailing thoughts swirl, and the government and school administrations plan what the fall with look like.

For S4TS, we do know that there are many kids unable to access proper footwear due to COVID closures. There are many kids running around this summer trying to play in shoes that don’t fit and/or are falling apart. This breaks our heart, and is what drives us to press on following our call and mission. 

Every summer, our deliveries continue. The amount of kids at a typical delivery goes down, the amount of work that goes into making it happen remains the same. This summer though, this summer is different. Much like everything else in the world, this summer we have to get creative with how deliveries happen. Some deliveries will be conducted with very small numbers of kids to maintain social distancing. Others will be done with a newly developed “drive-through” method. It’s a lot of unknowns. We are confident that between our staff team, volunteer partners, and community partner organizations a safe operation will continue and kids will get what they need most, shoes and socks that fit right, along with a friendly (but masked) face helping them. 

This summer. This summer is different. Much like everything else in the world, this summer we have to get creative with how deliveries can happen.

Our process has evolved a lot since we began in 2010. We have become more efficient and capable of handling larger numbers. This summer, it feels like we are going back to the basics in some regards. That will be OK, we hope that it’s only temporary and we can get back to some sense of normalcy eventually. Until then, keep an eye out for volunteer opportunities. It’s always an adventure in shoe land, we are excited to get back to our “bread and butter” of shoes and socks.

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