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About Shoes 4 the Shoeless

Its starts like most stories out there. A few people recognized an overwhelming need and had to do something about it. In the time since, hundreds of volunteers and donors have risen up to provide shoes to thousands of children.

Our goal is simple, to provide shoes and socks to children in desperate need. Like most stories, ours is a long one. With the first few chapters penned, we're no where close to done yet... will you join us?

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About the Pepsi Refresh Project

Pepsi Refresh Project

As a completely volunteer-run organization, we're always looking for creative ways to raise money to help us achieve our mission. One way we were priveleged to do this was by competing in the Pepsi Refresh Project. In December, 2010, we competed against hundreds of other Good Ideas in an online and text voting competition.

After the dust settled, we were declared one of the $50,000 winners! Since that time, we've used money from the Pepsi grant to help thousands of kids.